Claes Ottelid: Folk Guitar from Sweden

Here’s guitarist Claes Ottelid whose been featured before here at Acoustic Guitar Videos. Claes is a first rate guitarist… his playing is both passionate and commanding at the same time.

I felt like an idiot the first time with calling the style of music a “Swedish Polka” instead of a POLSKA which is totally different. (Hey, what do I know) Really, it reminds me more of classical rather than folk.. (well, at least American folk music… don’t hear any Woody Guthrie influences here).

Claes who was kind enough to write to me, said that according to the YouTube statistics, most of his videos featuring Swedish folk music have an over representation of Swedish viewers, with the exception of of just one (posting this below), for some reason, this one below has found more viewers in the states.

So do check this one out as well. I’ve got to wonder why that is… perhaps you have an insight into this and can leave a comment below?

Here’s the YouTube description for the first video: “Magnificent polska after the great fiddler Timas Hans. Recorded during a solo concert at the SGLS summer academy, July 2012.”


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