Tim Van Roy: Simple And Well Played

Human Nature – Solo Acoustic Guitar Cover (Tim Van Roy)

Sometimes I’m here at the site and my head starts spinning with all the notes and flash. Yea, so much to be impressed about… but there’s something to be said about someone just playing…. a song.

Now, I think guitarist Tim Van Roy who hails from Belgian may not have the flashiest video on this site, but what I will tell you is he’s got a great recorded sound on his guitar and a very well done video… AND,, he’s playing the SONG!

Sometimes just doing a solid rendition is all it takes…

Keep up the good work Tim – I really enjoyed it!

About Tim:

Tim Van Roy is a professional freelance guitar player who felt the need for some own, original material. Following the personal advice from fellow Belgian and guitar ace Jacques Stotzem, he began releasing original songs and arrangements on Youtube about a year ago. Right now it is a slow (but steady) process since the freelance business currently remains his main source of employement. Who knows, that might still change in the future!



  1. This would be so much nicer if the audio was synchronized to the video. It’s rather disconcerting watching it with the motions out of whack with the sound.

  2. Stephen Whiting

    Beautifully played – really sweet! Recording tone/quality is full and rich as well. Although I love the “flash” players who dazzle our eyes and ears, I love the relative “simplicity” of this piece too. I’m personally just a guy who tries to play simple things well, but of course, “simple” in this context is a relative term. To beginner, I or Tim VR might seem like Tommy E (’till they hear him!!!). On the other hand, when I hear Tommy E., I feel like a beginner! All of which is to say, if it’s well done, it’s a credit to the artist…period. Thank you, Tim, for sharing your gift, and thank you, AGV, for sharing something “reachable” for those of us somewhere out there in the middle…LOL!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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