Maneli Jamal: Settling Down

Maneli Jamal – We Made It (2013)

Maneli Jamal is one of those guitarist that can create a mood with his instrument. It’s not just notes anymore, the composition title actually means something…

For example, this new piece entitled “We Made It,” really sounds so comforting. It’s as if there is a big sigh of relief that says “Hey, we’ve settled down, we’re good and “we made it.”

Beautiful tone as always from Maneli, with a precision performance filled with emotion.

Here’s some info about the song from Maneli:

This song “We Made It” is the last track of the CD “The Lamaj Movement” because it concludes my family’s long journey in finally settling down in Canada (2003) after years of moving around in 5 different countries. A big sigh of relief when you finally know all the hard work has paid off. Enjoy.

My second LP “The Lamaj Movement” is now out! The CD features all original artwork from me as well as descriptions of all 12 tracks revealing the concept of the album based on my nomadic life thus far (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, Canada). Phew what a trip!”


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