Herb Ohta Jr: Following Footsteps of his Famous Father

Herb Ohta Jr – “Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani”

“Herb Ohta Jr performs “Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani” at The Slack Key Show Masters of Hawaiian Music on May 23, 2012 at The Napili Kai Beach Resort in Napili Bay.” 
 By Flip Peters:
Herb Ohta Jr is following in the footsteps of his famous father, Herb Ohta Sr A/K/A Ohta-San, one of the early ‘ukulele-heros. http://www.ukulele.org/?Inductees:2004-2007:Herb_Ohta
Like his dad Herb Ohta Jr plays the low G tuning, but unlike him he uses a thumb pick.
In this video he interprets Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani, one of many beautiful songs composed by  Queen Lili’uokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawai’i.
Although he has ample chops, his delivery here is devoid of pyrotechnics.
Instead he focuses on the simple, sweet melody. Note his beautiful tone and the sensitivity of his phrasing. And watch for upcoming clips of Ohta-San.

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