Richard Smith: Jerry Reed- Jerry Reed

“Richard Smith and Julie Adams at the Performing Arts Center, Borrego Springs, California on 8th April 2005”

We just featured Richard Smith on Acoustic Guitar Videos and you know what?

It got a giant response!

Here’s the link to some more of his fabulous videos

In this vid, Richard plays a Jerry Reed Medley which includes at the end “Jerry’s Breakdown.” This was always one of my favorite songs and I actually first heard it on a record by banjo great Jerry Oland who of course picked it on the banjo. For the longest time I thought Jerry Oland wrote “Jerry’s breakdown!” Jerry Oland also had a young guitarist at the time perform on his album by the name of George Langston. George was a wicked good flatpicker and at that time, one of my first influences on guitar. Wish that George had a video from his younger days when he was flatpicking, I hear that he’s doing mostly Tele Guitar these days down in Texas…. he had the Clarence White trip + a lot more down in a big way.

Okay, sorry for that diversion!!!

All I’m gonna say about this video is, Richard Smith picks the you know what out of Jerry (Reed) songs- I think Jerry would definitely be impressed!



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