Michael Winslow: Band In A VoiceBox

Michael Winslow and Odd Nordstoga – Rocks Senkveld – Oslo, Norway

This has little of nothing to do with an acoustic guitar…

Well maybe a little cause there is an acoustic used in this vid.

But the main focus here is on Michael Winslow…

Remember that guy from “Police Academy”?

You might have seen him doing standup comedy on one of those
comedy shows?

You can call him  “Band In A VoiceBox”

I thought this video was so entertaining and really just
unbelievable that a guy could sound just like an electric guitar…

Not only that… what a great impersonation of Robert Plant..

Share this one with your friends… It’s worth a laugh… but it’s pretty amazing all at the same time..


Here’s another vid by Michael Winslow (same song)


Finally, check this video out… This guy does electric guitar with his voice as well!



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