Ledward Kaapana: No Slacking Off Here

Slack Key Guitar “Opihi Moemoe” (Sleeping Shellfish)

By John Hill:

Known as Aloha style music from Hawaii or Hawaiian Slack Key guitar. After the Spaniards and Mexican Vaqueros left the islands in the 19th century many of the guitars they brought to the islands were given to the locals. The islanders who didn’t learn the fingerings for Standard Tuning (E,A,D,G,B,E) detuned their guitars to an open major chord by slacking the strings, thus the name.

One of the most popular tunings is an open G Major tuning known as “Taro Patch.” Tunings that include a major 7th note in the chord are known as “Wahine” tuning. There are literally hundreds of Slack Key tunings and Slack Key pieces are often considered to be beautiful and laid back.

About the Artist:
"Ledward Kaapana (born August 25, 1948) is a Hawaiian musician, best known for playing in the Slack Key guitar style. He also plays steel guitar, ukulele, autoharp and bass guitar, and is a renowned falsetto singer. Led Kaapana's mastery of stringed instruments and his extraordinary baritone and leo ki`eki`e (falsetto) voices, have made him a musical legend. He has been thrilling audiences for more than 40 years. With easy-going style and kolohe (rascal) charm, he has built a loyal corps of “Led Heads” from Brussels to his birthplace on the Big Island of Hawaii. Recognition by his peers earned Led 4 Grammy nominations in his own right and 2 wins on slack key compilations."

From: Wikipedia,and https://ledkaapana.com/about/


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