Erik Mongrain – One Man Show


Erik Mongrain:Fearless- New Video

Here’s a new Video by Erik Mongrain with a song entitled Fearless.

The sound of his guitar is sweet for sure, and this composition is almost hypnotic that has a lot of nice chord changes and substitutions that can pass you by i you don’t listen carefully. Erik is definitely a one man show on his guitar with percussive tapping etc., BUT, he doesn’t overdo it.

It’s all very tasteful… and something we’ve come to expect out of this great guitarist.

Check this out..

Erik wrote this himself:
“Had a busy last year, lots of things to adjust but it is time to start doing these videos now 🙂 THIS IS THE FIRST OF MANY! Planning to release one every 2 months (at least). Was bout time I know, those live vids just weren’t cutting it.

And yes, this video has been shot in 1 take, no playback or anything. No, it is not easy to play at all 🙂 Big thank you to my good friend Stefano Barone for the mix and the help!”

Here’s another Erik Mongrain vid that you just have to check out! 


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