2 guitars- 4 guitarists

Tico Tico Fortissimo- Guitar Quartet

Okay, I think this will be the last of the odd guitar techniques for a while. Truth is I didn’t have time to post this yesterday so, here it is now.

You’ve got to figure that this group is drawing large audiences even without knowing for sure. Here’s the whose who of the Fortissimo- Guitar Quartet plus some biography background:

Dimitri Illarionov (the guy)

Yuliya Lonskaya (the lady on the left)

Nadja Kossinskaja (the blonde lady)

Oksana Shelyazhenko (the lady sitting on the right)

“The 4-tissimo Guitar Quartet was founded 2005 by four female guitarists. One has left the ensemble in 2008. Dimitri Illarionov, one of the most popular guitarists in Russia has come in her place. The name of the quartet which is translated from Italian as “very aloud” is speaking for itself. Each of the musicians has already assured their place as a soloist in the music world: Dimitri Illarionov (Russia) is the prize-winner of 18 guitar competitions in 7 countries, including First Prize of the two most prestigious – Guitar Foundation of America Solo Competition (USA) and Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition (Spain). Nadja Kossinskaja (Ukraine), Yuliya Lonskaya (Belarus) and Oksana Shelyazhenko (Ukraine) are altogether the prize-winners of 15 international competitions: egg. International Competition of John Duarte (Austria), the Ivor Mairants Guitar Award (UK).” more here


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