Duo Siqueira Lima: Who Needs Two Guitars?

1 guitar 2 players!

Hey, it’s sure impressive when you see a guitarist with a double neck or a guy with two guitars playing both at the same time.

But hows this for a switch…

Here’s Cecilia and Fernando known as Duo Siqueira Lima playing the same guitar!

Talk about hours and hours of coordination to pull something like this off. And think about it… any timing deviations and the piece could go haywire!

In order to do this, you bet that the players doing this have to at least like each other, otherwise imagine how awful it would be putting your arms, head and hand so close to one another!

This performance by Cecilia Siqueira and Fernando Lima is just amazing in my opinion, and a real show stopper for sure.

Now just a technical issue.. well really a sound issue… an acoustic guitar really starts to get the best tone when a lot of vibration is happening on the top of the guitar. So imagine if you will four hands on the guitar at once. The top of that guitar is gonna be vibrating like never before.  Just listen to how rich and full this guitar sounds with all this music singing through it!


“The Siqueira Lima Duo is formed by Uruguayan Cecilia Siqueira and by Brazilian Fernando Lima. Together since 2002, they already are a global reference in acoustic duo formation, with remarkable performances in major festivals, major theatres and television programs. The critics have always highlighted their absolute timing and technique to acoustic guitars, but mainly the charisma and joy to make music. A note in the journal Texan Star-Telegram says: “The duo played with virtuosity, style and elegance. The room was immaculately performed, but there was an ease with the audience that made the performance involving. You felt like you were in their living room. ”

The first meeting between Fernando and Cecilia was marked by a historic event in their careers, which occurred in the international guitar competition which was held in the year 2001 in Caxias do Sul (Brazil). Among all participants, who came from various countries, they shared the first place. This fact was of utter importance for the formation of the duo Siqueira Lima Duoand, for their early international career.

Their latest recording album, “Um a Um” (2010), was released in Europe and the United States by the acclaimed Belgian GHA Records label, fully formed by Brazilian music repertoire, with unpublished arrangements created by their own and with works composed and dedicated especially to them. The CD was released in the “III International Guitar Festival of Paris” and has been praised by specialized magazines, such as the “Guitare Classique” (France), “Classical guitar” (England) and “il Fronimo (Italy).”  see more here



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