Cindy Cashdollar: Five Time Grammy Award Winner


Cindy Cashdollar performing Oh Susanna on her National Resophonic

“Cindy Cashdollar, five time Grammy Award winning dobro and slide steel guitar player, performing Oh Susanna, traditional song (public domain) by Stephen Foster, on her National Resophonic Guitar at Ray Bensons Bismeaux Recording Studio in Austin, TX on May 5th, 2010, where Cindy has recorded many times with Asleep At The Wheel, and where she chose to do an oral history interview and acoustic performance for MusicBox Projects film documentary in the works on Americana Women (Roots Musicians Womens Tales and Tunes).

The fascination with the dobro here at Acoustic Guitar Videos is very high these days.

I asked everyone a while back if they wanted more dobro vids, and with a resounding YES, I got hundreds of requests for more.

This instrument, although it sure seems different, really is just a guitar with high action and metal resonators to make it louder. (How many times have I wished my D18 was as loud as a dobro?)

Okay, sorry for the departure… I’ve known Cindy Cashdollar from way back when she was in Woodstock New York… Sure was very happy to hear when she landed the Asleep At The Wheel gig- just perfect for her. Since then I’ve lost contact but she’s still out there in a big way and playing a lot of shows with a ton of famous acts… check out her schedule

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