Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: Duo of Tap


Whether or not you are a fan of the percussive style of tap or not, it’s a style that this generation of acoustic guitarists are making very very popular and in turn, making the acoustic guitar more popular. It kind of reminds me of the traditional vs. the newgrass argument. Yea, I love and grew up with traditional, but you know, if we all just keep it traditional, the music form is gonna die out with the aging audience.  Innovation keeps it moving and attract younger people that inject the spark and imagination. It just can’t stay the same you know… It would be like Ford manufacturing the exact 66 Mustang since 1966, or classical music discounting 20th century composers.

So with that said, check out this video of Usman Riaz and Preston Reed.

Here’s the YouTube description:

“Usman Riaz is a 21-year-old whiz at the percussive guitar, a style he learned to play by watching his heroes on YouTube. The TED Fellow plays onstage at TEDGlobal 2012 — followed by a jawdropping solo from the master of percussive guitar, Preston Reed. And watch these two guitarists take on a very spur-of-the-moment improv.” see more


We’ve featured Preston Reed here before at Acoustic Guitar Videos, but here’s a little something about Usman Riaz:


“Usman Riaz began playing classical piano at 6, then took up the guitar at 16. Fast forward four years, and you have this — the 20-year old Riaz playing his song “Firefly” in a music video that’s more like a mini indie arts film than anything else. At times, Riaz plays his Martin XC1t like a piano keyboard, but, all along, you can hear his acknowledged influences – Kaki King, Michael Hedges, Don Ross and, of course, Jimmy Page. ”  more


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