David Sick: Mastering The “Bass Line”


By Miche Archetto:
Sönke Meinen wrote me via facebook that he and Judith Beckedorf, both featured on “Acoustic Guitar Videos” in previous posts, are studying  at the “Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden. He pointed out some older guitar players graduated from that school and also some of the guitarists teaching at that school. David Sick is one of them. Unfortunately there are not many videos on youtube featuring this player, and those few don’t have a decent audio/video quality. Nevertheless, here is David’s rendition of “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Listen to the impressing bass line he plays all over the piece. Sometimes you really wonder where the hell the bass player is hiding!
A bio taken from David’s website:
“Over the past few years, the guitarist David Sick has become one of the new discoveries gaining considerable attention in the music scene. His inspiring performance at the international Open String Festival where he was awarded 1st prize, his concerts during the  international Zeven Festival or at the Semper Opera in Dresden, as well as the radio programmes with the stations MDR and Deutschlandradio Berlin are only some of the numerous highlights of the past years.
After studying classical guitar at the Weimar Music College, he turned his back on the music of past centuries and developed his very own language of music. He was contracted by the reputable label Acoustic Music Records, and his solo debut “Industrial Blues”, released in November 2004, was introduced throughout Germany during a concert tour. His music is impressively powerful and intense – yet always of dance-like ease. His interptretation of pop-classics by Michael Jackson, ABBA or Diana Ross are both an acoustic as well as a visual experience.
David Sick teaches at the Dresden Music College in the field of guitar and world-music focusing on fingerstyle. He can be seen on stage as a soloist and together with Mara von Ferne as “Mara & David”. Two CDs of the duo have already been released with ozella music: “Sixteen Secrets” (2006) and “Once We Were Gods” (2009).”
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