Baden Powell: Midnight Smoke


By Miche Archetto:
This video was recorded in 1971. Baden Powell (1937-2000) was then one of most famous Brazilian guitar players. Here he show his unique ability to use classical guitar technique in jazz music, putting his soul in each notes he plays. Notice the “special effect” created by the smoke of the cigarette he holds in his right hand! I suspect he was drunk during this take and maybe he didn’t even realize he had that cigarette in his hand. Anyway I think that this interpretation of Round About Midnight by Thelonious Monk is a great example of soulful playing, where also imperfections and fret buzzing contribute to a distinctive and enjoyable sound.
Some bio information from wikipedia
“Baden Powell de Aquino (August 6, 1937 – September 26, 2000) usually known simply as Baden Powell, was one of the most prominent and celebrated Brazilian guitarists of his lifetime.[1] He explored the instrument to its utmost limits, playing it in a distinctive, unique manner, incorporating virtuoso classical techniques together with popular harmony and swing. He performed in many styles, including Bossa nova, Samba, Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz and Música Popular Brasileira. He often performed on stage during most of his lifetime, and recorded an extensive discography composed of LP and CD albums produced in Brazil and Europe, particularly in France and Germany.” More
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