Mek Natividade: Secret to Fast Arpeggios

Here’s a video by Mek Natividade, a guitarist who is showing off some fast arpeggios.

Now to be honest, Mek is fast but… a little sloppy…

The reason however that I wanted you to see this vid is-
it’s a clear view of his right hand sweeping downward in one motion to create the arpeggios.

This technique is what the Gypsy Jazz style guitarists use, but with a flatpick. Other people call it sweep picking – used as the ultimate speed weapon for shred guitar.

You will notice that all of the speed that is derived with the arpeggios is from a single steady downstroke as in Mek’s demonstration. And for you bluegrass guitarist out there, this is the proper way to play the Lester Flatt G Run.

May look easy but, if you’ve been doing up and down picking your whole life and try this, it may seem awkward.

Let me know what you think, and share this post with your guitar playing friends if they are looking for one of the secrets to playing fast arpeggios.


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