Sandra Bae: Don’t Stop Her Now!

By Miche Archetto:


Here is Sandra Bae, another young talent born 18 years ago in South Korea, but living in Pennsylvania. She uploaded 71 videos on her youtube channel, and this is her impressive arrangement of the famous Queen’s song “Don’t stop me now”.


Something more about her from her facebook page:

“Before, I was a girl who loved making music in her room. Now I’m sharing it on the world wide web, and working towards the day I get to play for the world – one venue at a time.[…] I have had experience with many instruments starting with the piano when I was 5, then the violin, the guitar, both acoustic and electric, and drums. And if I really start braggin… I play the triangle, tamberine, recorder, bongos, xylophone, keyboard, you name it! 😉 

I was introduced to the beautiful instrument called guitar when I was 12. But it wasn’t until I was 14 that I discovered the solo-acoustic playing style. Since then, I’ve been teaching myself, depending almost completely on my ear and imagination. I learn and arrange everything with these two factors.

I love music and I’m still discovering its endless possibilities.


TABS? – My method of arranging a song involves no paper or pen, but my ears only, however, some of my arrangements can be found online (google search). ✰All credits to the fantastic fans who went through the trouble I avoided to tab out my messy arrangements. I am forever in your debt!”

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BTW Sandra will be opening up for Tommy Emmanuel on the 28th of June at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville PA. Please go to Tommy’s website for tickets


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