Franco Morone plays the Blues


By Miche Archetto:

Franco Morone is an Italian fingerpicker which has two main souls: one is into traditional Italian and Celtic music and the other is into Blues. In this video he plays his song called “Chicago” from the CD “Miles of Blues”, where he shows his great ability to play a syncopated bass line together with a melody all over the neck. The guitar he is using doesn’t seem to have the best tone ever… but his music and sense of rhythm are just great!
Here is his a description taken from his official website
“Franco Morone, the Italian poet of acoustic guitar, has mesmerized audiences with his technical prowess and intricate tapestry of sound for nearly 30 years. His unique arrangements and exquisite touch reinvigorate traditional Celtic and Italian melodies, and his original compositions have the evocative power to transport the listener to new and unforgettable places. “Your ears will hang on every note as he effortlessly weaves lyrical melodies into a huge finger-style texture,” Guitar Player Magazine says. “Morone reminds you how truly boundless the fret board is, and although his chops are monstrous, they never distract from the music.”. According with the magazine Acoustic Guitar he has one of most identifiable sounds of anyone playing fingerstyle guitar today. He has just released Back to My Best, a new studio recording of his most popular pieces, already critically acclaimed one of the best albums of solo guitar in recent years.”
You may also want to check out other videos on his youtube channel.
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