John Lennon: “Imagine” His Audition on The Voice

Before I get into it, I’d like to thank my pal and fellow guitarist Gary Reed for finding this video…even though it has little to nothing to do with acoustic guitars except for John playing one on this song.

This video although not reality, is a “Imaginary” clip of what might happen to John Lennon if he were to appear on the hit TV show “The Voice.”

John had what I personally would call a great distinctive sound.. but here it’s obvious that the judges are looking for something other than what John had to offer in this day and age.

They want vocal gymnastics…, they want virtuosity. But is that what moves people? Can I sing along to these spectacular singers? Can I even remember their songs?
Am I gonna run out and buy their record?  Maybe this has become the norm but.. for whatever it’s worth, what happened to just singing a good song?

Well my opinion is not going to change anyone’s mind, but you know, that’s not the point..

The video ends up with a preview of Bob Dylan about to appear next… can only “Imagine” what would happen to him!

In a way, I see the same thing happening with acoustic guitar players… seems we all have a tenancy to want to hear the spectacular, the unusual.. Perhaps this is a sign of the times.. And Hey, those phenomenal virtuosic videos really create a lot of traffic here at Acoustic Guitar Videos.

There is however, a whole world of great playing that just doesn’t even want or need to be spectacular by nature. A guitarist that is backing a vocalist for example, or someone playing a heartfelt melody. Music that stands the test of time no matter how simple or complex,  has to live in our hearts in order to survive.

Ultimately I believe the guitar (and music) are personal experiences, with each of us experiencing our own sensations-
that too can vary within ourselves greatly.

MOOD: How good is your favorite song going to sound if you just lost your job?
MEMORY: Can you remember a song that reminds you of your wife or husband the first time you met?
TECHNICAL: What did that song sound like on your big speakers compared to the headphones?

There’s so much more that can affect what we are hearing at any given time. Now just “Imagine” how different  a song or a piece of music will sound to another person?

Kind of makes you wonder why judging and contests are so popular?

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