Tommy Emmanuel & Brad Paisley: Cannonball Rag- HOT STUFF

Here’s guitar extraordinaire Tommy Emmanuel with Country star Brad Paisley performing Merle Travis’s “Cannonball Rag” at the Grand Ole Opry. For those of you that don’t know, this style of guitar fingerpicking is called “The Travis Style,” which is still very popular today.

I also bet most people that hear Brad Paisley on top 10 country have no idea what a great guitarist he is (or care.. which is a shame really).

Actually, this is the first time I’m hearing Brad play the acoustic…normally he’s playing an extremely loud Tele (Just ask my buddy Jimmy Heffernan who nearly went deaf playing steel in his band).

Tommy is a monster… and if you are keeping technical score here, Brad is having a hard time keeping up in tempo with him. None the less, the chicken pickin’ style lends itself very nicely to the acoustic.

At first I thought Brad was playing a D45, but definitely not. Can anyone tell me what guitar he is playing (I can’t make out the headstock)



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