Kaki King: 12 strings with Irish influences


By Miche Archetto:

Kaki King is an acknowledged talent of acoustic guitar. This video has been recorded about 1 month ago during a live concert in Darwin (Australia). Kaki composed this piece for her sister’s wedding, with a lot of influences from Irish folk music. Imagine a wedding with such a nice live soundtrack…
Here she is playing her Veillette Acoustic Gryphon, a very small 12-string guitar, especially designed for D tuning (equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar) thanks to its short scale length (18.5″) and custom strings (gauges .009″ to .042″). It sounds like an hybrid between guitar and mandolin, a tone that, in my opinion, really suits this folk music style.
Here is an excerpt from her official website:
“Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” Kaki King is a true iconoclast, a visionary musician/artist whose singular work rightly stands out amongst the easily formatted.  Over her decade-long career thus far, the Brooklyn-based guitarist/composer has recorded five extraordinarily diverse and distinctive LPs…” http://www.kakiking.com/contact
Wikipedia entry:Kaki King (b. Katherine Elizabeth King, August 24, 1979) is an American guitarist and composer. King is known for her percussive and jazz-tinged melodies, energetic live shows, use of multiple tunings on acoustic and lap steel guitar, and her diverse range in different genres.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaki_king

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