Mike Dawes: New Video And Special Guest?

Mike Dawes – Titanium – Solo Guitar (David Guetta – ft. Sia)


Rob Poland from CandyRat Records dropped me a line.. writing the following:

“Check out Mike Dawes new amazing cover of “Titanium” with special guest at the end of the video.”

Well one thing is for sure, if this is a Mike Dawes video, you know it’s gonna be good.

And yet another thing for sure, Rob Poland has a great ear in knowing how to produce and pick great artists in many different styles of acoustic guitar.

So about this video… Mike Dawes definitely has a silly side to him, as I’ve seen a few vids of his that are kind of over the top. But Mike is such a great guitarist… I guess I can overlook the special guest Panda in this one..(hey maybe Rob Poland is a silly man as well?).

You know, it is silly, but stuff like this sells CD’s and downloads, and certainly adds to the number of views a video will get. It’s already got 28,000 and it’s new so, how many more do you think it will get by this time next year?



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