Dale Cinski: Give Me The Night

After doing this website for almost a year now (July 4th is our one year anniversary), you just know by hearing a few notes whether a guitarist is gonna light it up or not.

Well, took all of a half second for me to turn up my speakers and enjoy this Dale Cinski video of George Benson’s “Give Me The Night.”

Dale’s just flat out “got it going on” with his Ovation Guitar, and has such good rhythmical sense in doing so. I’m a big fan of great groove and that’s what I’m appreciating here in a big way.

For those of you that don’t know, George Benson is one killer guitarist, and yes, he had some vocal hits that really helped his career… but his guitar playing has always been so amazing. So to attempt anything by Benson on acoustic takes a little bit of you know what. Absolutely no problem here for Dale…

I went to try to find out some bio information on Dale Cinski and couldn’t really connect (in other words I struck out). I do know however that Dale is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and owns Randita’s Grill.

Hey man, if he makes food as good as he plays, I’m definitely stopping in for dinner the next time I’m in that part of Pa!

Come on…. let’s give Dale some “Likes” and “Shares” here!



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