Trevor Gordon Hall – Bach to the Future (Guitar Duet)

Candyrat recording artist Trevor Gordon Hall is one fine guitarist…

But what’s better than listening to him play?

Getting to hear two of him… yea that’s right..

The studio is a wonderful place to be able to create and shape the music you write
and in this case, Trevor’s composition entitled “Bach to the Future” (obviously inspired by Bach) required a second guitar part. Having worked on a ton of Bach myself, the sound of the two interweaving parts are very common in Bach’s pieces.

Does it bother me that another guitarist is not performing the parts?
Well not really, since there’s an art to being able to overdub another guitar
and locking it in with the main… that’s a challenge all unto itself.

And as far as this video, you know that the playing is not live since this
setting would be the most awful place to record with all the background noise.
But again, it’s another challenge to be able to perform with a pre-recorded track
and make it look like it’s being accomplished right then and there.

This recording and more from the album Entelechy by Trevor Gordon Hall is worth checking out here, so do click on the link, come back and let me know what you think. 


Special thanks got to Rob Poland at Candyrat for sharing this new video with us!


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