Maneli Jamal & Van Larkins: Guitar Duo

Maneli Jamal & Van Larkins – Disco Monkey Blender (2013)


By Maneli Jamal:

“Van Larkins and I wrote this duo piece during our tour of New Zealand / Australia in March 2013. We totaled 35 shows and had a blast playing this duo piece exclusively for the audiences who attended the shows. Now we bring the guitar madness to you on your computer! What do you think?”

Well, I think it’s fab! Thanks for that Maneli!

If you haven’t been following the acoustic guitar scene of recent, you might have misses a lot of great innovative players like Maneli Jamal & Van Larkins. In this vid, the two team up together with a co-written original piece entitled “Disco Monkey Blender” that was recorded in the studio and also filmed (hey, good idea since both guitarists have made huge strides with their online presence).

This vid and performance is a bit of a diversion for me in that I’m normally used to seeing Maneli just solo, whereas Van Larkins has a lot of experience in guitar duo settings with his act with Ross Hunter- known for their outstanding compositions.

No problems here. Maneli fits right in as if the two have been performing for years..

Hey…. doesn’t it always seem to work out when you put two great players in the room together?


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