Flamenco Virtuoso Tomatito: Clap Along if You Can

Here’s a piece entitled La Ardila, Alegrías by flamenco guitarist Tomatito (who is also know as José Fernández Torres)


Here”s some biography  info courtesy of Wikipedia on Tomtito but first, what do you think of his playing? Seems like frequently during this performance his guitar is going out of tune. And what about the hand clapping? Flamenco is many times more than just a guitarist (can include dancing, clapping, Castanets).

José Fernández Torres, known as Tomatito (born Almería, 1958), is a Spanish Romani (Gypsy) flamenco guitarist. He grew up in a musical family, including two uncles: Niño Miguel, a flamenco guitarist, and Antonio, a professional guitarist.
Tomatito became a flamenco sensation at an early age when he was discovered by famed guitarist Paco de Lucía and began working in part with legendary flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla.
In 1979, the trio produced a hit called La Leyenda del Tiempo. Their partnership continued until Camarón’s death in 1992.
A later collaboration included pianist Michel Camilo, producing the albums Spain (2000) and Spain Again (2006).
Tomatito’s music is a unique mix of traditional flamenco and jazz. On some albums, such as Barrio Negro, he experimented with Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Music. He has also worked with flamenco singer Duquende and pianist Chano Domínguez among many others.Tomatito has produced six solo albums.
His music for the film Vengo, directed by Tony Gatlif, won the César Award for Best Music Written for a Film in 2001.
Four years later, he won a Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Record, for his album Aguadulce. read more


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