Sergio Altamura: Going Backwards To Move Ahead

Sergio Altamura – Luna

So you go out and buy one of those new digital effects unit for your guitar. Plug it in and wow…. instant new sound!

The only problem is, you and 10 thousand other guitarists are doing the same thing at the same point in time and really, there’s nothing new… except for you.

That’s the key here, the word’s “except for you” because hopefully you are going to get inspired to either write a new piece or use the devise in a way that will help you construct something different for your repertoire.

Well, that’s exactly what must have happened to guitarist Sergio Altamura, who in this video is using a devise (most likely pre recorded) that plays guitar samples backwards. Cool effect for sure, but this is the type of thang that is only gonna work for only one song in a set, certainly not a whole album of this kind of background. The tendency is always to overuse a devise when you just get it.  Sergio is just such a great guitarist and in truth really, he just doesn’t need this at all (but very nice for this one song).

Here’s a Bio:

“Sergio Altamura was born in Molfetta, a town in the province of Bari, Italy. He graduated from the University of Bologna’s Department of Music, with a thesis on music semiology. In 1985 he began his career in concerts with various rock groups. Since l993 he has dedicated his time to the study of acoustic guitar. In l995 he began a series of personal concerts which met with wide success in Italy. In l998 he began a new project with The Ark Ensemble in collaboration with the group’s percussionist Pino Basile.

As well as his work as a musician, Altamura also dedicates much of his time to the composition of music for theater, films and documentaries. He has taught since l994 in various cultural centers, and holds yearly seminars on contemporary acoustic guitar techniques.

Altamura has a number of discographic projects: some as soloist, some in a duet, others as part of a quartet, and also as an arranger.” see more


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