Lance Allen: “Guitar Lancer”

Kansas Town – Fingerstyle Guitar by Lance Allen

Here’s a video by Nashville guitarist Lance Allen in what I describe as plain good ole’ fingerstyle guitar. Nothing here that’s so flashy, but just some sweet solid pickin’ that is worth it’s weight in gold. Now I read over Lance’s bio and since he’s doing a lot of guitar instruction, this in my opinion is something that I think most students who are learning fingerstyle are gonna want to learn.  And his flow and timing is very good, what you would expect from someone in the Nashville TN region. (hey, you better do that if you want to work there!).

The title of this post (Guitar Lancer) is a quote from Tommy Emmanuel- referring obviously to Lance Allen.

Here’s more info on Lance Allen from his website:

“Lance Allen is an award winning fingerstyle guitarist, composer, and teacher.  Native of Kentucky, Lance learned the ropes of playing guitar. Many of his early influences were Metallica, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, and Dave Matthews.

Lance began teaching guitar in high school, and then continuing with some private students in college as well.

Not long after graduating Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in recording music and small business, Lance took on a full time job at a local music store where he got a full schedule of students. There he also managed the small business and also started a successful eBay store.

In 2008, Lance was inducted in the Thumbpickers Hall of Fame, located in Powderly KY. His induction was considered for his continuing the art of thumb style guitar by performing and teaching.  Not long after his induction, Lance competed in his first international guitar contest in Winfield, KS where he place a very difficult 4th place.

Companies such Takamine Guitars, Bose, and Gretsch guitars, have used Lance to endorse there products and promote them.” see more



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