Tom Stedman – A Melody- A Composition

Sometimes after watching so many amazing acoustic guitar videos by unbelievable players from around the world, my ears (and my brain) get fatigued.

And you know, truth is, many times guitarists will be doing all this hot stuff but, loose the melody and song in it all.

This new video release by guitarist Tom Stedman is a nice diversion (at least for me) which featured a really great musical composition with smooth playing that doesn’t ever waiver from the melody.

Even with his tapping and percussive guitar playing… Tom is able to combine it all within the boundaries of the composition- in my opinion better than a lot of other guitarists.

The tone of the guitar is excellent- I don’t see microphones in the video (just a cable from the guitar). The description says that he’s using a Pod Line 6 XT Live (wow, need to get me one of these!)

We’ve featured Tom Stedman here before and for that day, he was #1 with the most views on the site. Easy task? NO!!! Have a look around and check out the other world class guitarists he was up against. I think this video will do just as well.

“This video was filmed at Fusion Arts Oswestry, produced by Loz Guiel of A poke in the eye productions.
Equipment used Adam Black guitar, Line6 pod xt live, Nikon d90 cameras, K&K trinity pick up.”


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