Craig Chaquico: “Plugged In” Acoustic

Craig Chaquico Acoustic Highway

John Hill over at our facebook site recommended I watch a few videos on Craig Chaquico.

I did- I was impressed. This particular video was shot live at Dosey Doe-The Woodlands, TX 6-5-10

Craig really reminds me more of an electric guitarist at times, but does have a nice touch on the acoustic.

And with his primarily plugged in sound and a Thinline guitar, he’s able to add some nice effects to the guitar that mesh and cut well over the traditional backline of loud drums and bass.

Here’s Craigs bio from his web site:

“Craig Chaquico (cha-KEE-so) has engaged and inspired two generations of pop music fans, first as an original founding member, the ONLY LEAD GUITAR PLAYER, a principal songwriter for both the multi-platinum JEFFERSON STARSHIP/ STARSHIP  bands during the ’70s, ’80s, and all they way till the band finally split up in 1990 and stopped recording.

While others came and went Craig is the ONLY one person ever in the band to ever have appeared on EVERY hit song, hit album, hit CD, national and world tour, MTV video, during all the most significant, historical, and successful times for both bands.  After many various excellent substitutes on lead guitar ever since Craig left, if it was actually a real original Jefferson Starship and/or Starship recording, hit song, and/or you heard it on the radio, and/or you saw it on MTV, then it was ONLY Craig EVER playing all the lead guitar.

With 20 Gold records with Jefferson Starship and Starship, as an original founding member, lead guitarists, coproducer and songwriter, Craig was instrumental in making that one of the most successful bands in history.

In the 1990s,  after finding himself already at the top of the national charts in each of 3 consecutive decades with his first national band already, Craig left the fast-paced pop world and reinvented himself as an award winning, #1, GRAMMY nominated,  million selling solo artist,  songwriter, producer, and band leader, with his own #1s in BILLBOARD for his CDs and songs, GuitarPlayer Magazine Readers’ Poll Winner for Best Pop Instrumental Guitarist,  and JazzIz Magazine list of Top 100 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time. 

Then again Craig is at the very top of the national charts in a fourth decade and a new millennium starting in 2000 with his own songs like the #1 “CAFE CARNIVAL”, #1 “LUMINOSA”,  and now in a fifth decade starting with his recording of ” SONGBIRD”  hitting the Top 3 in BILLBOARD and on all the National Smooth Jazz Radio charts in 2010.”  more here


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