Merel van Hoek – Opus B

“A tune inspired by the movie ‘A Late Quartet’. Played on a Greenfield GF guitar.”

Merel van Hoek is one fine guitarist-  and this song entitled Opus B is a very memorable composition that I think a lot of you here will enjoy.

Now as it turns out, I would have never found this video without Merel’s help, so I’d like to thank her for this.

Check out this quote about Merel- “You don’t write like anyone else, you have your own sound” – Tommy Emmanuel

Great video here and a first rate recording as well.

Here’s some bio material:

“Merel van Hoek was born in April 1994. She started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen.
One year later she started playing fingerstyle guitar and immediately fell in love with this genre after hearing ‘Blue Moon’ arranged by Tommy Emmanuel. Since then, Merel has been teaching herself, driven by her feeling and imagination with the fingerstyle guitar music. Her biggest passion is composing her own music. Her compositions are influenced by guitarists such as Pino Forastiere, Craig d’Andrea and Michael Watts.

”A passion for melody, that is what attracts me in fingerstyle compositions. I’m also trying to achieve an unique voice on my guitar.”  Fingerstyle virtuoso Gareth Pearson says about her music: “Her passion and beautiful spirit will captivate you with her angelic melodies”
Merel released her first EP called ‘Pieces of Nature’ and is currently working on her first album.” read more and visit site


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