Daniele Bazzani – Recommended By Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanual was asked if he could name one of the best unknown guitar talents out there and replied:

“There’s a guy from Italy named Daniele Bazzani who plays well- really well.”

Daniele Bazzani is like Tommy said, a fine guitarist that I’m sure is gonna not be in the “unknown” category for long. This song entitled “Settembre” is a very unique composition that I think you will enjoy. 

Here’s some background info on Daniele Bazzani:

“Played electric guitar with an italian rock band in the 90’s, released a Cd and toured Italy for several years, switched to acoustic guitar at the end of the 90’s and since then performed in Usa, France, Croatia, Uk and Wales, Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Poland, Hungary.

In 2003 released his first solo acoustic guitar work, “Truss Roads”; February 2006 saw the release of his second solo album, titled “Daniele Bazzani”. In 2010 the third album “Untitled”.

First and only italian player on Martin Guitars official website (under Famous Martin Owners), he endorses Elixir strings and SR Technologies amps. read more




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