Iren Arutyunyan Performs Fuoco from “Libra Sonatine”

Here’s a video by Iren Arutyunyan who performs Fuoco from “Libra Sonatine”

Alright, I know a lot of you here are not into classical guitar, but I have something to tell you that is worth your time to read.

Make no mistake about it, classical guitar is a discipline that requires more than just a casual approach- it’s a way of life. You are simply not going to pull off a piece like Fuoco without living and breathing it for a long long time.

Yes, I know that a lot of guitarists that play different kinds of music consider their guitar a way of life too (as I and many of you as well do). But there’s no way I’m attempting something like this without some serious life changing alterations. One example would be stop watching other people’s videos and practice. Another would be- drop playing bluegrass guitar and start studying. Another would be quitting my studio recording business, and yet another would be leaving my wife. Do you get what I’m talking about? Guaranteed that Iren Arutyunyan has spent the better part of her life with her guitar, and does it show.  She is brilliant.

So maybe you still don’t like classical guitar but, I’m hoping you can appreciate it… even a little?

Once again, got to thank Miche Archetto for this great find!


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