Glen Campbell and Jerry Reed: Dangerous Duo

Rocky Top and Banjo Signal

What happens when Glen Campbell and Jerry Reed get together? Well, sparks are gonna fly off them guitars. Then add some Larry McNeeley on the banjo, and your in for  a real treat.

This video was from Glen Campbell’s “Goodtime Hour,” a show that I used to watch and marvel at when I was a kid. Now part of the reason I think a guy like Glen Campbell didn’t get as much credit on the guitar as some of the others was, he was just so talented at everything he did, which includes hosting a show and of course singing. Lots don’t know, but Glen was a studio guitarist before he got real famous.

As far as Jerry Reed, it seems like he was taken away too soon. Also in my opinion underrated as a guitarist because he too was just so dang talented at anything he tried. If you ask someone on the streets who Jerry Reed is, most likely they will tell you “the actor from Smokey and The Bandit.”   O well.. we love you for your guitar pickin!!

Hope you enjoy this video- share it with your friends who you think would appreciate this kind of talent. I was very lucky to locate this video!



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