Street Guitar #15: Bass Player Couldn’t Make Gig

I don’t know if you’ve ever played out but if you have-

How many times have you been stood up by your bass player?

Seems a common theme…

“Hey, I’m sorry folks, our bass player couldn’t make it today.”

If I had a dollar for every time I had to say that!

Now here’s a guy that has the solution.. and he’s not going to be satisfied with and electric or keyboard bass, oh no. This guy wants it pure, and all acoustic.

At first it was difficult to see what the purpose of the foot pedals were, as the camera angle made it look like there was no strings. Certainly no neck. But if you watch till the end of the video, the camera gives another angle where you can see that strings have been added, using what looks like a strait piece of wood to hold them in place. He’s also added more strings- hence, taking off the neck to accommodate.

This is a good video to share with your bass player friends – just tell them, this is what I’m thinking of doing just in case you don’t show up on a gig…. ha ha!



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