Jimmy Page: Rock Royalty On Acoustic

Jimmy Page: Black Mountain Side

Miche Archetto over at our facebook sister site found these Jimmy Page videos and shared it with us.

This first video only has 773 views…. does that mean we’re some of the first to see it?

Well, probably not. Most of these type of videos came from a television show, series or from a VCR. With the laws as such, sure seems like you could make up a video about anyone or anybody and not have to deal or worry about any copyright violations. Seems the laws have relaxed a lot or just changed, especially on facebook.

Alright, I did a lot of talking about anything but this video. How do like Jimmy Page’s playing on acoustic? I will say this, even though I don’t personally think he’s the greatest thing prior to Tommy Emmanuel, he does have a style that is recognizable -perhaps that’s more important than anything. Sounds just like those Led Zeppelin songs…. no need to wonder why, cause he’s the sound responsible ya know.

Here’s another video of Jimmy Page on acoustic- just because..

 JIMMY PAGE (Arena – Heavy Metal) 1989

“White Summer, Midnight Moonlight and Kashmir on acoustic guitar, plus short interview. This was part of a 60 minute Arena documentary about Heavy Metal, broadcast on BBCTV in 1989.”


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