Monte Montgomery: Live in The Studio

Monte Montgomery – “Could’ve Loved You Forever”

My buddy Dusk Wings found this video of  live footage from the Monte Montgomery studio sessions for his self-titled CD which was released SEP 30, 2008.

Now it’s been out a while but if you’re digging this video, here’s a link to his CD’s.

YouTube comment said:

“Named as one of Guitar Player Magazine’s “Top 50 All-Time Greatest Guitarists” and the only artist to win the “Best Acoustic Guitar Player” at the Austin Music Awards seven years straight, Monte Montgomery is world-renowned for his dizzying fretboard wizardry. Guitar hero status aside, Montgomery is also a multi-dimensional songwriter and storyteller as well as a talented arranger and remarkably soulful vocalist. He is one of the very few living guitar gods able to synergize technical shredding with deep soul connection in his songs and performances. Austin City Limits producer Terry Lickona describes the musician perfectly, “Monte Montgomery blows people away. There is no other way to describe it.”

I like Monty’s voice- he’s got that perfect blues/rock sound- but check out the guitar solo about midway through the song… awesome!



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