Michele Lideo: The Flavor of Italy

CARATI – Michele Lideo

Italian guitarist Michele Ledeo has been featured before here at Acoustic Guitar Videos… and for obvious reasons. He’s an excellent guitarist.

In this video, Michele is performing and original composition entitled Carati which is performed with a lot of emotion. Nothing really flashy, but this type of song just doesn’t need that type of stuff. The sound and style of his playing and the melody sure does sound like it is coming directly from Italy!

The guitar is a custom Lukas Milani which has a very focused and clean tone (hey, I want one!!).

As far as this production- I think the video in the guitar shop is a nice touch as well and while watching, I was just drooling over some of the other nice looking guitars in the background.

Bravo Michele, the guitar sounds like a million dollars in your hands.

The only technical be it a minor detail I wonder about is, it doesn’t look like there are any microphones nearby, and it certainly doesn’t sound plugged in?  Perhaps the video was shot after the recording was done- it sure sounds great.




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