Paul Reynolds: Plays African Song on a Takoma

BIG SUN: by Paul Reynolds

I know a lot of you travel…

But isn’t it a pain to bring your guitar on a plane!!!

When I was touring a lot, the effort it sometimes took for me to get my guitar in the cabin and not in baggage was monumental….

Id have to be early, request special assistance, make threats, get nasty etc…

The Tacoma guitar was a solution for people wanting to travel light, and just get on the plane without any hassles. The only downfall, the Tacoma doesn’t really sound so good… or does it?

Guitarist Paul Reynolds from the UK just did this recording at his home studio with his Tacoma.. and you know what?  It’s sounds very good- especially with this African  song called Big Sun.

Paul really gets a great sound recording wise as well. It almost looks like the vid you are seeing and the sound don’t match. Great job Paul!

Here’s his YouTube write up:

“Played from my Studio. I love my little Tacoma. It works best when in a tuning. It’s hard to keep it spot on, but it has a great sound – Live and Studio. I have it tuned GDGCDG. An easier way to think about this is on the fifth fret of a normal guitar, tuned into DADGAD. I love African Music, especially that big 2 feel. All my Music/Tabs are free from”


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