Frank Gambale: The Sweep Picking King On Acoustic

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Years ago a jazz buddy of mine brought over a Frank Gambale instructional video showing how he does “sweep picking.” It was on electric of course, and at the time Frank Gambale was pretty much known as the best at this new style. Well, I of course tried to learn what he was doing and realized it was easier for me to play John McLoughlin passages than getting down the sweep picking. (hey, I’m still trying).

As time went on, Frank of course started getting into some serious jazz …

ANOUNCEMENT HERE… that’s usually what happens with good musicians, and delving into classical as well.

What’s exciting here is Frank Gambale is on the acoustic! Just amazing… and check out the note choice… wow…

The YouTube Description says the following about this video:

“Frank Gambale’s “Acoustic Improvisation”s DVD follows the success of his first acoustic trio recording, “Natural High”. This video features his trio, Natural Hight Live, with Otmaro Ruiz on piano, Alain Caron on bass, and Frank on acoustic guitar. After blowing through seven jaw-dropping performances with his world class band, Frank sits down for a candid one-on-one session about jazz improvisation. Using the changes to “All The Things You Are” as a foundation, Frank teaches a series of ideas for improvising over classic ii-V progressions using 3rds and 7ths, chord extensions, Phrygian, super Locrian. and diminished ideas. Frank incorporates rhythmic and melodic motifs and much, much more” 

So there’s more Frank Gambale on his acoustic from these sessions and I’ve decided to post these here as well.

Finally, this is and old clip (part of the video I saw years ago) and it’s on electric- try to get past the sound. And if you are wondering, it can be done on acoustic (Frank just proved that)


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