Adam Palma: Playin’ Some Funky Blues

Adam Palma playing his composition “Rocky Mountains”

I just did a review of Adam Palma and Tommy Emmanuel (see this here) BUT WAIT…

check this video out first…

Adam Palma is one smokin’ hot guitarist that has  obviously been heavily inspired by the great Tommy Emmanuel…. and you know what?

Adam in my opinion is just as awesome a guitarist that seemingly can do anything on the guitar- from flatpicking to what we hear now with the fingerpicking.

This video which surprisingly has only has 9,000 views, shows off Adams fingerstyle virtuosity with an original tuned entitled Rocky Mountain. It’s rock/blues style and in my opinion every bit as exciting to similar compositions from Tommy.

Okay, you want more? Check out his flatpicking (if you didn’t check out the first link, here it is again).

Also, when you go to that post, you will get to read Adam’s bio with a link to his sight.


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