Mr. Evolution Performs “Mr House”

Someone over at our facebook page (who shall remain nameless unless they say otherwise) tipped me off to this guitarist named “Mr. Evolution.”

The video containing the song entitled “Mr House” which has only 117 views …

You know that no one’s finding this without a little help. Maybe I’m not supposed to be sharing this?

Now Mr. Evolution can really play, and if he sounds this good in the kitchen, imagine what he would sound like in a pro studio?  Very original note choice…  I had to watch it a couple of times because it’s just good stuff.

As far as the title to this song, this is just a wild guess but, perhaps “Mr. House” has some sort of special meaning to it. Maybe Mr. Evolution won’t leave the house because he’s too busy practicing? Maybe he’s agoraphobic and can’t leave? Whatever the reason for this title, let’s hope Mr Evolution can still make more videos for us to enjoy. Who knows, maybe Mr. Evolution might write a song soon entitled “Mr Theater” or “Mr. Concert Hall?” He’s good enough for either.

Okay, let’s help out Mr. Evolution – see if we can get him “out of the house” with some likes and shares here.

That’s what we’re trying to do here at Acoustic Guitar Videos- help out deserving guitarists that really are talented.



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