Maneli Jamal – New Release

Maneli Jamal – Adapt & Accept Part 2 (2013)

Here’s a brand new video by guitar virtuoso Maneli Jamal that you can say you saw when it only had a few thousand YouTube views. With playing like this, you have got to know what’s gonna happen in a few months.

In my opinion, Maneli doesn’t overdo anything and just plays so tastefully. This song which is entitled Adapt & Accept just starts out hitting the ground running and never lets off the gas. And when you just about heard it all, check out the ending… wow…

This is a great video to share with your friends so please do so. Also, check out what they have to say about this performance and his new release   “The Lamaj Movement” here

Here’s a little something that Maneli wrote:
“Growing up while moving to a new city or country every year wasn’t an easy task for a young child. I always had to adapt to the environment I was living in in order to live with a positive mind-set. Accepting where you are in life is crucial to finding your path in life. This is my journey of ‘Adapt & Accept Pt.2’

Happy to announce my second LP “ The Lamaj Movement” is now out! The CD features all original artwork from me as well as descriptions of all 12 tracks revealing the concept of the album based on my nomadic life thus far (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, Canada). Phew what a trip!”


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