Roby Deaton: It’s All Good

Wouldn’t It Be Good: (Nik Kershaw) by Roby Deaton

Here’s a percussive fingerstyle guitar arrangement of Nik Kershaw’s 1984 hit “Wouldn’t It Be Good” by Piano and violin instructor Roby Deaton..


A piano and violin teacher playing guitar this good?
Well, Roby is a fine musician, but he says in his bio that he started playing guitar just to get girls and make a lot of money! 

I don’t know, I am a full time guitarist myself but I never got any girls with it and money is always so hard to come by! Maybe playing bluegrass had something to do with it- ya think?

Hey It’s all good!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this performance and I think you will too:

Here’s a self written bio that will help you get to know Roby:

My name is Roby Deaton, and I have been doing music all of my life.. I started playing piano at the age of 4 with my grandmother showing me little pieces, and started taking formal lessons at 5. At the age of 12 I quit piano and started playing guitar, to make lots of money and have lots of girlfriends. After 2 years of playing chords and scales 3 to 4 hours daily, I realized I didn’t have any more of either!! In the process I learned to play well enough to be in a couple of teenage bands. So I went back to piano, learning the complexity and simplicity of patterns and scales within the keyboard. Several years ago I decided I wanted to play violin, so I purchased one. I took lessons from a few accomplished performers/teachers in the Houston area. I now have several advanced students that sit first chair in their respective school orchestras. Playing the violin is a total pleasure for me. I play every chance I get. I have a Bachelor of Science in Hospital Management, but all I want to do is music, all aspects.

I use a combination of the classical and modern approaches to teaching music. Both have their advantages, and I use the positive of each to give the student a complete education. The younger student will learn all the basics of classical music, along with songs they want. After learning the basics of music, the older student can choose to learn a style(s) of music that is of interest. Classical, jazz, country, rock, gospel, any style of interest.   With violin and fiddle (same instrument, different technique) you will learn the style of music you want to master.

Of those who are interested, I will teach the principles of midi recording. Midi (musical instrument digital interface) allows keyboards and computers to converse with each other. There is software that will let you play your original music ideas, and I will teach you how to use it.”  more here


Guitar tab available:…


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