Tommy Emmanuel Plays Hendrix- Purple Haze

It’s downright amazing to me how many people love Jimi Hendrix. Amazing in that his popularity still seem so huge despite the fact that he’s been gone for some 40 odd years.

Well, here’s guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel with his version of the Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze.”

If you are not familiar with Tommy Emmanuel, I might first ask where have you been, and then suggest looking at some more videos of Tommy that are even more amazing than this one. Now if you are not familiar with Jimi Hendrix… well,,, you might not have been on the planet when he was rocking out with hist 3 piece back in the 60’s. Hendrix had such an amazing style on the electric, and was so influential.

But now the big question-

How do you rate Tommy’s version of Purple Haze?


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