Tommy Emmanuel- Backstage Without a Thumbpick

Tommy Emmanuel- Irish Flatpicking

I’ve said this in earlier posts featuring Tommy Emmanuel- An entire website could be devoted to this genius.  It seems there’s nothing on the guitar he can’t do (except play bad)….

In this video, the scene is set backstage at a workshop in Newberry South Carolina in May 2010.  The person that shot the video says “it’s not the best  (the video) but it was just too good to keep it to myself.”

Yea, a little Irish style guitar…

No thumbpick here, but he does use his fingers with the flatpick for the introduction.

But when he gets into it, it’s all flatpick.

The trills he’s doing is created by a form of sweep picking- actually strumming down on two notes and pulling back up.  This is really a departure from what he’s normally doing. Got to wonder, where does he find the time to learn all of this?



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