Smokin’ Joe Robinson: Acoustic Medley Featuring Misty

Smokin’ Joe Robinson is perhaps the second best Australian guitarist behind his hero and fellow countryman Tommy Emmanuel, but he’s certainly got a lot to say on his guitar and, more than most.

In this video, the YouTube description only mentions Chet Atkins song Borsalino which was written by Delamoe Bolling and Fishman.

But on this video, Smokin’ Joe does the following songs… (little snippets)

Jerry’s Breakdown: Done a little too fast in my opinion, but he only does a short burst of this..

Borsalino:  Chet Atkins of course did an outstanding version perhaps the one to measure it all by. Somkin’ Joe is outstanding as well.

Flatpicking Improv: This guy can do it all, very impressive!

Misty: This was my favorite part of the video. I could listen to this all day long.

Do you have a favorite here?



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