Solo Acoustic Guitar with Stefano Barone – Altalenanze

Hey! Check out this amazing sounding recording by Italian guitarist Stefano Barone, performing a piece entitled Altalenanze.

It’s difficult to tell if the video and audio was shot at the same time since it sounds to me like there’s microphones involved in the recording. And unless it was shot with one camera (a two camera shoot), that would definitely mean that it was played along to. But either way, this  is a superb performance. Now to my ears, it sounds like a two mic setup- one  aimed at the body near the bridge and another at the 12 fret or there about)… Notice the “nice wide stereo sound” and it’s not our of phase (I put it in mono and listened). The low end can be attributed to the pickup which is also great for driving the reverb in the mix. Absolutely great? Yea, guitar by candlelight adds the finishing touches.


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