Adam Rafferty – Covers Stevie Wonder

Adam Rafferty – I Wish by Stevie Wonder – Solo Guitar

Miche Archetto over at our facebook sister site recommended I check out fingerstyle guitarist Adam Rafferty.

Well obviously I did, and he’s really an excellent guitarist that plays with great groove and emotion. He seems to specialize in Stevie Wonder compositions put to the acoustic.

It just so happens that this video is part of Adam’s YouTube channel which means that after this song is over, you’ll get to hear other songs and a short snippet lesson. Well, the main purpose of the vids is indeed the lessons which believe me, is the best way for an accomplished guitarist to make money online (hey, I ought to try that soon). But he’s giging too, and I’m also gonna feature him in a live performance on an upcoming post which is also really great. If you don’t want to miss it, sign up to the right and you’ll get the best vids in your e mail every Thursday at 9AM.

Thanks again Miche Archetto, who has become a great contributor at the site and turned me onto Adam Rafferty.

Okay, here’s a plug for Adam with his link. I am not affiliated with him and not making any money from this recommendation…Instructional DVD with tabs available at…


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