Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau: Note Choice, Note Choice

Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau: Sweet Geoegia Brown

Chet had said that Lenny Breau was one of his favorite guitarist, and in this video which features Chet and Lenny on this jazz classic ” Sweet Georgia Brown,” you are gonna know why Chet would have said such a thing.

This particular video is not so good (meaning the quality), as it was probably run off on VCR back when this aired in the late 70’s. You see Ralph Emery introduce them so, this was probably from the Nashville Now show.

The YouTube description says it’s pre 1982 because they are still using microphones. Well guess what? I think this makes this performance  even more enjoyable.

Here’s a question…

Did you ever have to stop the video and go back to listen to a passage again?
That’s what I was constantly doing here. I justr couldn’t stop marveling at what was coming out of both of these guys guitars! The choice of notes in my opinion is fantastic.

Lenny Breau was not only a jazz player but was great at classical. Chet we all know but if you don’t, he pretty much re-defined the country fingerpicking style, which by the way was not just country…



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