Doc Watson Flatpicks With All Star Lineup

Doc Watson Flatpicks With All Star Lineup: Big Sandy River, Salt Creek

Here’s the list of players on this stage…

Ricky Skaggs – Fiddle
Bela Fleck – Banjo
Tony Trischka – Banjo
Sam Bush – Mandolin
Pat Flynn – Guitar
Doc Watson – Guitar
Edgar Meyer – Bass

Need I say anything more?

Well, I suppose I have to…

I’ve come to realize that certain songs are just played by certain players better than others. Take for example the second tune in this medley- Salt Creek. If you have heard a lot of versions of this song, it’s so obvious that nobody plays salt creek better than Doc Watson. No he didn’t write it,  but hearing this with all the other great players here it’s obvious that he owns this song, and in a big way.


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